Growing up in Taiwan and Singapore, Al Rey, began a musical fascination that would be a lifetime of exploration. Youthful idealism fueled his need for hands-on experience. After his family moved back to the USA, he began playing in bands in Dallas, Texas and gaining practical knowledge. Making music throughout the late 70's then the 80's, 90's and on into the next century, a transformation began. Playing the bass track for Wayne Cochran's television show in Miami, Florida, to the onstage support work for some of the biggest stars in 90's Nashville. After seven and one-half years roadwork, hundreds of thousands of miles in the ever changing business of music and over 40 working bands; the years went on and the price personally was high.

After experiencing the business, culture and politics of the musical world, Al Rey began to gain instruments, styles and orchestral knowledge and practically apply it. Beginning a series of solo albums in 1997, the Marco Polo sense of discovery began to take hold once more. Now the second release of the "Ancient" series of solo efforts takes shape. Blending a canvas of world styles, Asian, African, Aboriginal and traditional root ethnicity, Al Rey is notching out his own space and people are taking notice.


As an accomplished musician Al has been asked on several occasions what instruments he can play. So we decided to compile a list to give more information on his musical diversity.

Al's ability to play several types of instruments has helped him expand his creativity and develop a unique style of music. Al's music is ORIGINAL and accomplished by true musicians who can actually play instruments in lieu of utilizing the ease of technologically based musical production.

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