Asian Dreams

Asian Dreams
Just Released! Asian Dreams. A compilation of the best of the "Asian" series.click here to listen


Check out the new release "Ohmniverse" click here to listen.

Ancient Dreams Orchestra's - "Earthover" at the P.A.C.

Ancient Dreams Orchestra began as an effort to step away from the traditional ideas and "dreams" of the music scene to enable a unified vision for complete, collective expression. Earthover is a collaborative performance of composers, musicians, dancers, artists, poets and cultural innovators. Earthover draws momentum from the motion of eastern musical tradition, catalyzing a multiplicity of simultaneous interpretive arts to deliver a clear translation as the "universal instrument." This performance piece delivers cinematic music, dance, thought, and romance combined with a pervasive display of visual artistry. Earthover is turning the world upside down. Video of the event is currently in post production, check back to see see it.

Ancient Dreams Orchestra - "War of Art" EP

War of Art
The upcoming EP from Ancient Dreams Orchestra "War of Art".

Ancient Dreams Orchestra - Opens for David Lindley

Al with David Lindley
Ancient Dreams Orchestra opened for David Lindley at the Blank Slate on August 18, 2008.

New Online Store

We are excited to announce all of Al Rey's solo efforts are available at our new online store as well as the following online music stores.